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((Still part of the GFH series. XD Changed it because Prussia will be Prussia (and he will be forever awesome! *glomped by Gil*  >///<)))

It was currently break time in school, and you were trying to read. Emphasis on trying. You can’t concentrate too much since a Prussian’s, ahem, I mean German’s laughter was too loud. You looked over to where Gilbert Beilschmidt was. He was pestering that Austrian dude again, Roderich Edelstein. You always see them together (well, more like Gilbert popping out from somewhere to annoy Roderich) so you assumed that one of them—your guess was Gilbert—liked the other. Gilbert looked like the guy who teases the person he likes anyway.

You didn’t notice that you stopped reading to watch them until Gilbert looked at you. You immediately got back to reading, your cheeks tinted red.

Gilbert smirked slightly. You were too adorable for your own good sometimes. However, his thoughts were interrupted by a pissed off Roderich. “Gilbert, why don’t you go and bother someone else?”

Gilbert only laughed and took a seat. “Now why would I do that?” He stared at you. “Besides, the view is awesome here,” he muttered.

Roderich raised an eyebrow. He followed Gilbert’s gaze and it landed on you. He smirked. “You could always approach Miss (Name).”

Gilbert tried to control his blush, but failed, his usually pale face now a light pink. “W-was?” He chuckled nervously. “N-nein, she’s busy.”

Roderich rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t stop you from bothering me.”

Gilbert laughed loudly, hitting the table while doing so. “Kesesesese~! That’s because you’re so unawesome, Roddy!”

“GILBERT BEILSCHMIDT!” The librarian shouted.

Gilbert shrank in his seat, muttering a quiet “Sorry.”

~~Next Day~~

You were in the library again, busy in the world of (favorite book). You didn’t even notice Gilbert sit beside you.

Gilbert raised an eyebrow at your lack of reaction. Huh, she must be really into that book. He cleared his throat. No reaction. He scratched his head. What’s up with this frau? He cleared his throat (which you ignored again) and said loudly, “ZHE AWESOME ME IS HERE!”

You flinched, making the book drop to the table. “Gilbert!”

He grinned. “Kesese~! Hallo, (Name).”

You slapped him on the shoulder. “What did you do that for?!” you hissed, trying to keep your voice down.

“You were too—!” You shushed him, so he lowered his voice. “You were too busy reading that book of yours.” He pouted. “You even ignored the Awesome Me.”

You mentally squealed, controlling the grin that was threatening to show. You wanted to guilt trip him first. “Well, duh.” You rolled your eyes. “You know how I read.”

He rolled his eyes. “Ja, ja.”

You pouted. “You almost gave me a heart attack, Gil.”

He just stared at you. Verdammt, (Name). Why do you have to be so cute? he thought. Then he sighed. “Fine. Es tut mir leid, lieb—” He blushed slightly. “(Name).”

You were curious about what he originally was going to say, but didn’t ask about it. “What do you want, Gilbert?”

He feigned shock. “Aren’t you happy that I graced you with mein awesomeness?”

You laugh, playfully hit his shoulder. “Seriously, Gil.”

He turned pink again. “I, uh…uhm…just wanted to…err…” He just stopped talking, his face pink while he stared bashfully at the table.

You smiled at his awkwardly adorable behavior. “You just want to what, Gil?”

He stood up abruptly, causing the chair to make a loud screeching sound. He leaned down a bit to whisper in your ear. “Meet me after school, ja?” he whispered quickly.

He didn’t gave you time to answer since he was already out of the library. Your eyebrows furrowed. What was up with Gilbert today? He doesn’t usually talk to you much since you two were more like acquaintance-friends, only because you were seatmates for a long time last year. And most importantly, Gilbert Beilschmidt does not ask you to meet him after school. So what caused the change today?

It was dismissal time too quickly.

You saw Gilbert waiting for you outside the classroom. You could hear the whispers of your classmates, wondering why Gilbert Beilschmidt, one of the most popular guys, was waiting outside and who he was waiting for.

“(Name)!” he called. “C’mon!”

You could feel all eyes turn to you, making you look down, avoiding their stares. Gilbert grinned when you stopped in front of him. He placed a hand under your chin, making you look up. “Kesese! Hallo, frau.”

You smiled at him, slightly blushing because of all the people watching the two of you.

“Hello, Gilbert.” You fidget slightly, uncomfortable with all the attention. “You wanted to talk about something, right?”

Gilbert nodded his face a very light pink. “Ja.” He shyly took your hand. “Follow me.”

He led you downstairs, and to place where the benches are. You sat down on a bench.

Gilbert coughed. “(Name)…do you like someone?”

“W-what?” you stuttered. Truth was, the guy you like was kinda sitting right next to you…awkward. “Uhm, maybe. Why?”

“What do you mean by ‘maybe’?”

“I mean I think he likes someone else so I’m not sure if I should like him or not.”

He nodded. “Oh.” He looked away from you.

You looked away as well. “So why did—” You felt something warm and slightly wet on your lips. Your eyes widen.

Gilbert was kissing you.

You parted, Gilbert very red for once. “(N-name)… Ich liebe dich.”

You just blinked at him. “Really?”

Gilbert blushed harder. “J-ja…”

You looked away from him again. “You know, I always thought you liked someone else…”

For rejection, this doesn’t seem so bad, Gilbert thought. “Ja? Who?”


He just stared at you, processing what you just said. “YUCK!” He shook his head. “Liebling, Roderich is my cousin.” He shuddered. “Oh the horror,” he muttered.

You looked down at your lap, trying to hide your embarrassment. “Oops. Sorry.”

He placed a hand under your chin, making you look up. He kissed your nose, making you blush. He stood up. “Uhm…I got to go.”

You frowned. “Oh. Okay.” Did I say something wrong? you thought. Wait a minute…oh! You stood up and followed Gilbert, hugging him from behind. “Gil.”

You release him from your arms so he could look at you. “Ja?”

You tip-toed and kissed him on the lips. “Ich liebe dich auch, Gilbert,” you whispered in his ear.

He smiled. Not his usual I’m-awesome smirk, but a real smile. “Kesese. Awesome.”

~Ende <3
Sorry I haven't uploaded anything for a while. I was busy with school so I didn't had the time! Again, lo siento! ><

So far, I think this is the best one I've written (and this reader-chan is the most like me)
:iconsexyprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Of course this is your best one! It has zhe Awesome Me in it!
For once, I agree with him. ._.

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyprussia3plz:

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