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Submitted on
December 31, 2013


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Today was December 31 and everybody in your household was busy preparing for the New Year's Eve celebration. Alfred and Gilbert were decorating. Francis and Antonio were cooking. Meanwhile you and Arthur were stuck with cleaning...

Arthur let out an angry sigh as he dusted the TV screen. “Can't cook, psh,” he muttered under his breath. “Who said I can't cook?” He looked at you. “(Name), you've tasted my food, right? It's not horrible, is it?”

You sweatdropped. What am I gonna tell him? you mentally freaked out. I'm gonna regret this. “Uhm...hey, I think they need my help downstairs, so...” You took a step backwards. “Yeah. Bye.” Then you ran downstairs as fast as you could.

You let out the breath you've been keeping in. Smooth as fuck, (Name)....


The party was going great. The music pounding, lights flashing; everything was going smoothly.

Meanwhile you were struggling to get through the crowd to get a drink. Dammit, Alfred. you thought. How many people did you even invite? You finally made it through the crowd and into the kitchen, where there was considerably lesser people. Alfred was there sitting at the countertop with his girlfriend, (Friend's Name).

“Hey, Al. Hey, (Friend's Name).” You sent a wink at her.

She rolled her eyes but smiled anyway. “Hey, (Name). Where's Gilbert?”

You felt mild heat creep into your cheeks. “How should I know?” you defended, arms crossed over your chest. “The place is crowded.” You nod at Alfred. “And I'm pretty sure your boyfriend has something to do with that.”

Alfred let out an embarassed laugh. “Yeah, I may have gone overboard with the invites this year.”

You were just going to open your mouth to speak when somebody rested their elbow on your shoulder. “Kesesesese~! Hallo, you guys! Enjoying the party?”

And I think we all know who it was.

Almost like a switch turned on, your cheeks were instantly flame-hot. The knowing smirk on (Friend's Name)'s face confirmed that you were indeed tomato-red. “H-hey, Gil.”

He chuckled, the sound tickling your ear. “Hallo, (Name)!” He suddenly grabbed your hand. “C'mon!”

“W-what? Where are we going?” You had to shout since the music was too loud.

Gilbert led you outside to the garden, where you have a swing set. He sat down on one and started swinging, and gestured for you to do the same. You sat down and reluctantly looked at him.

“Why did you bring me here, Gil?” you asked.

He shruggged, looking at the sky above you while swinging. “It's too crowded inside.”

You almost didn't hear him because of the fireworks. “So?”

He suddenly turned to look at you. You caught your breath. he blushing? you thought. Well, I couldn't blame you. Seeing Gilbert blush was indeed a sight to behold. “I...I need to tell you something, (Name).”

Something about the way he said those words made your heart beat faster. “Y-yeah?”

It was confirmed; Gilbert was blushing. “(Name), I--”

Gilbert was cut off by the sound of Alfred's voice blaring through the speakers around your place. “HEY DUDES! IT'S LIKE 15 SECONDS AWAY FROM 2014! LET'S COUNTDOWN! And oh yeah, we're gonna drop the huge dico ball once it's exactly 12 am so stay clear of that, you guys! Hahahahaha! Ooomf!” Now all you can hear is Al and (Friend's Name)'s struggle over the mic. Not exactly good for your eardrums. “Sorry for that!” It turns out Alfred was victorious. “LET'S START THE COUNTDOWN!”


“9!” Almost all of the people were joining in the countdown.


“(NAME)!” Gilbert shouted over the noise.


You couldn't hear what he said.





Silence. That was all you can hear. Well, not really. Your heartbeat was pretty loud. You could hear it pounding in your ears. The fact that Gilbert was slowly leaning closer wasn't helping.



Your lips met. You swore you were going to explode. Like a firework.


Gilbert leaned backward to look at your shocked and blushing face. He smirked. “How's that for a New Year's kiss?” he said with a wink.

~Fin <3
Happy New Year, you guys~! I hope you enjoyed this thing I made. XD

Oh yeah! Please comment, dudes!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconcuteprussiaplz:
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This is so cute!! I love it! Because that is how I would react to England's cooking.
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