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May 30, 2013
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“(Naaaaame)!” Gilbert, your boyfriend for three years, whined for the millionth time.

You just rolled your eyes and ignored him, your attention still on your laptop in front of you. Probably wants me to get something for him, you thought.

Damn, she won’t pay attention to me, Gil thought. A mischievous smirk found its way to his face. Time to pump it up. “(Naaaaame)! (Naaaaaame)! (Naaaaame)!” Gilbert whined-sang loudly.

Your brow twitched with annoyance but you continued to ignore him, still focused on the fanfic you were reading.


You turned to him. “What?!” you snapped. He pouted and crossed his arms, his face turned downward. You sighed. He looked too cute. You leaned closer to him and pecked him on the nose. He beamed, his usual smirk coming back to place.

“Hey, (Name).” Gilbert said, grinning. This is gonna be awesome…

You sighed. “What?” you asked him warily.

Excitement and nervousness shot through him. “Knock, knock.”

Your brow twitched slightly. Knock knock? KNOCK KNOCK?! HE INTERRUPTED YOU FOR THAT?! But you just breathed in and tried to reply as calmly as possible. “Who’s there?”

“Marry.” His grin grew even wider as he saw you blush.

“Marry who?” Your face was on fire now.

Your eyes widened as he knelt in front of you, holding a small velvet box with a ring inside. “Marry me?” he asked somewhat nervously.

You hugged him, not even bothering to pull him up first. “YES! YES! I’LL MARRY YOU!”

He laughed and kissed your head, happy that you accepted.
AH! ZHE FLUFF! IT'S KILLING ME! Based on [link] but I didn't include the 'wanna hear a joke part because then it would defeat the purpose! Trust me, that's not as easy as it sounds. (and the idea just had to hit me while I was most of the time. XD) Anyways, please comment before you fave! Danke! :D

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconprussiaplz:
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and also some nice things for some random fun XD
Nick pole dancing XD Luke pole dancing XD looks wrong right? i know XD so many feelings raging around me XDClemmintine 
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I wanna be proposed to like this well there is one other ya that would work for me but this ones my fav I loved the story it was so sweet! <3
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