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You watch them playfully shove each other, both of them laughing all the while. Oh these two, you thought.

Suddenly, they stop laughing, Francis pointing at something and Antonio turning around to look.

Shoot. They were looking at you.

You quickly hid behind a tree. Antonio’s green eyes scan the trees in front of him, wondering where you hid. “(Name)? Where are you, chica?”

You facepalmed. Bad (Name). “Come out, come out wherever you are~!” Francis sang. You still didn’t come out. “Aww, c’mon, (Name)!” He whined. “Anton—” Cue glare. “I mean, we just want to hang out with you!”
“Chica, please come out.” Antonio pleaded.

You sighed. Why do I have to be so goddamn shy! You slightly blushed.Especially when Antonio’s around… But honestly, who wouldn’t? He was one of the most popular and hottest guys in school, and probably most liked. Well, if only they knew he was gay (or so you thought XD), the poor girls will be crushed.

You felt a hand slip into yours. You looked and saw Antonio’s smiling face. You immediately turned red. “Hola, (Name).”

You pulled your hand away, your face on fire. “Sorry, Antonio! But I gotta go!”

He held your arm. “Where are you going, chica?”

“I’m going to meet Kiku.” He let go of your arm. “Bye, Tonio!”

Antonio watched you walk away and sighed. He’ll have his chance soon.

You sighed in relief but your heart was still beating wildly. “That was close.” You didn’t know why but you liked him. He was gay for Francis!

Antonio sighed. “She keeps running away, Frans. Doesn’t she like me?”

Francis smiled at him. “Oh, Tonio. Zee fille’s just shy.”

“But I’m friendly to her!”

“It takes time for people to open up, Toni. Some take longer than others.” Antonio sighed, making Francis sigh as well. “If you want, we can see what Kiku and (Name) are up to.”

Antonio perked up but was still a bit hesitant. “If we get caught?”

Francis smirked. “We’ll find an excuse.”

~Time skip~

Francis and Antonio peeked through the small window that was on the door. “Hmm…they’re just looking at Kiku’s drawings. They must be discussing anime or manga then.”

They watched you chat with Kiku, occasional laughter coming from you.

“Francis. She’s leaving.” Antonio looked at the Frenchman. “What do we do?”

“Just act casual, Ton.” They settled on leaning casually leaning against the railing, their backs turned to the door.

You came out, only to find Francis and Antonio outside. Fudge. They followed me. They turned. So much for walking away. “Hola, (Name).”

“Hola, Antonio.” You glanced at the stairway. So close. “Uhm…I really need to go.”

Antonio placed a hand on your shoulder. “Wait!” You blinked at him in surprise. He blushed and removed his hand from your shoulder. “Can we talk?” He saw the hesitation in your eyes. “I’ll try to keep it short.”

You nodded, curiosity getting the better of you. “Okay.”

He took your hand and led you downstairs.  He stopped walking when you reached the bench they were sitting on earlier. He sat down so you did the same, him facing you.

“So…” he started awkwardly. He scratched the back of his head.  “You and Kiku were discussing anime then?”

You blushed. Did he spy on you? “Uhm y-yeah…anime.”

“Hmm. Are you and Kiku dating or something?” His tone was curious, but he was blushing and he looked nervous.

“W-what?” You shook your head. “Oh no, we’re just friends.”

“Oh,” he said, looking away. “Good,” he muttered to himself.

You looked at Antonio closely. He looked…well, he looked gorgeous just sitting there. He suddenly turned, you averting your eyes a little too late. You took a moment to compose yourself, and then looked at him. You cleared your throat. “What did you wanted to talk about?”

“Oh. Right.” He was blushing, his eyes averting their gaze every now and then. “Uh…teamo,” he said the last part quickly and quietly.

Well, you being the deaf person you were, didn’t understand him. “Que?”

He blushed harder at your use of his language. “Te amo, (Name).”

“Eh?” You pointed at yourself. “Me? Are you sure?” You dropped your hand and blushed. “What about Francis?”

His eyebrow furrowed. “What do you mean what about Francis?”

Your eyebrows furrowed too. “Uhm…aren’t you…you know?” His eyebrows only furrowed further. You sighed. “Aren’t you guys dating?”

He blinked at you. “Q-que?” He got it and burst out laughing. “D-dios mio, this is the exact same thing Lovino’s girlfriend thought!”

You just stared at him while he laughed, tears coming out of his eyes making you smirk every know and then. He finally stopped laughing, wiping the tears off. “Haha. Sorry for making you wait,mi amor, but I just find it so funny!” He smiled at you, but his eyes showed he was worried. “So…do you like me back?”

In answer to his question, you moved closer and kissed him full on the lips. You felt his eyes widen, making you smirk, but soon he melted into the kiss as well.

Your kiss was broken apart by a bright flash. “Kesese~! Nice one, Ton!”

A/N: I don't understand why I write the BTT so hopelessly in love. I DUNNO! MAYBE BECAUSE I'M ALSO HOPELESS IN LOVE WITH THEM?!

:iconbadtouchtrioplz::iconsaysplz: Aww. <3

>/////< Anyways. Please comment! Danke!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyspainplz:

The list of the the other parts of the series are here ---->…
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I love the Gay for Him series! All of them made me laugh, but I also can't help but love them.

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