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June 12, 2013
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Just fucking do it, Lovino thought. The ragazza doesn’t bite.

You looked up and saw Lovino. You mentally smirked. Perfect timing, Lovino. “Hey, Lovino.”

“Ciao, ragazza.” He shifted. “Uhm, hey, listen—”

You waved at Antonio. “Hey Toni!”

The Spaniard turned. “Oh!” He walked over to the two of you. “Hola, (Name), Lovi!”

Lovino growled at him. “Idiota, how many times have I told you not to call me that?!” Lovino hissed.

Antonio pouted. “But Lovi sounds cute, Lovi!”

Lovino just rolled his eyes at him. “Tch. Bastard.”

You looked at your watch. “Oops. Sorry, guys. I gotta go. I have to meet Kiku.” You flashed a smile at them. “Bye!” You didn’t give them time to reply because you already ran off.

You turned right and saw what you were looking for. You looked around, and quickly ducked into the bush. You smiled at the Japanese man. “Good morning, Kiku!”

He nodded. “Ohayou, (Name)-san.” He faced front again, placing the binoculars in front of his eyes once again.

What were the two of you doing, you ask? Well…you guys were spying on Antonio and Lovino.


Simple, you were watching them for, what in Kiku called it, yaoi action. While Kiku was spying on the two, he was also jotting down ideas for doujinshis.

Lovino stomped his foot in frustration. “Goddammit, why does she always run away?! I’m always so close to telling her but she goes and meets up with Kiku! What’s up with her and that bastard anyway?!”

Antonio patted him comfortingly on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, amigo. I’m sure you’ll confess to her soon!”

Lovino glared at him. “It’s your fault, bastard! If you didn’t distract her then I would have confessed already!”

Antonio pouted. “Lo siento, Lovi.”

Lovino sighed, his anger leaving him. “Fine. But help me confess to her dammit!”

You sighed. “So tsundere, Lovino,” you whispered. Honestly you had a little crush on the Italian man, even if you assume he like Antonio. No one could blame you though; it formed before you realized he was, ahem, ‘gay’ for Toni. You enjoy shipping them together, but there are times when you feel a twinge of jealousy because of Antonio. But you always shrugged it off by fangirling over how adorable the two of them were.

~The Next Day~

Lovino looked at Antonio. “Do you know what to do?”

Antonio nodded. “Si!” He looked around. “There she is!” The two of them quickly went over to you.

“Hey, guys!” you greeted them happily.

Lovino blushed. You looked so cute, and to think about what he was going to tell you…no. Now’s not the time to back out, not when he has finally got your attention. “We need to talk.” He took your hand and walked ahead, his face burning.

You gulped. Had they found out that you and Kiku were spying on them all this time?

He led you to a deserted corridor and lightly pushed you to a corner. “Tell me,” he said his face dangerously close to yours. “Is there something between you and that Japanese bastard?”

Thinking he must’ve meant Kiku, you shook your head. “N-no,” you squeaked out. “K-Kiku and I are just friends.” Oh god, they know, I’m so dead! you thought.

He nodded. “Good.” He suddenly turned tomato-red. “B-bella…I need to tell you something.”

You nodded, excitement running through you. Were you not doomed at all? Is he gonna tell you that he and Antonio are together now? But why tell you, of all people? Oh god, you didn’t care!

Lovino glanced at Antonio for encouragement and he nodded, sporting a smile and a thumbs up. To you, this only confirmed your theory. “(N-name), I…b-bella, t-ti amo.”

You threw your arms up to celebrate. “Hooray! I knew it, I’m so proud of you!” You processed what he just said. “Wait…what?”

Antonio looked confused while Lovino turned redder, if that was possible. “B-bella…ti amo.”

Your jaw dropped and you stare at him blankly. “I thought you were gay for Antonio, Lovi.”

They stared at you.

You stared back.

And Antonio burst out laughing. “D-dios mio...! L-Lovino…gay?” he said in between laughter. “Impossible!”

Lovino crossed his arms and glared at both of you. He smacked you lightly on the forehead. “I-diot-a. What made you think that?” he said, his face practically on fire.

You were blushing pretty hard too. “I-I don’t know…maybe because you were so close to each other?” you said with a sheepish smile.

He chuckled, shaking his head at you. “Idiota ragazza.” He pulled you into his arms, you blushing up to your ears. “We’re just close friends.

You buried your face into his chest, trying to hide your embarrassment. He pulled away, just enough to see your red face. “So…do you love me back?”

You looked up to see his smirking face. You tip-toed and kissed his nose. “Ti amo too, Lovino.”

“Aww, so adorable!” A squeal broke you apart and you saw the BTT holding cameras.

Lovino turned red with anger. “Bastards! I’ll kill you!”

Gilbert gulped. “Shit. Run!”

And the three of them ran, your Lovino hot on their heels.

~Fin <3
This is how I feel about my PruHun/shot

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